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i was visited neuchatel for expo site. it was quite big

site. it will be a big national festival in swiss.

every site has many concept and facility for the events.

it would be a big promotion for the culture and goods for

swiss. also to show the quality of life and business in

this country.


people will visit and move to every site. but some people

will see little bit cynical for this kind of big festival. some

how those kind of observation people who check the

attitude of the people and organization for this festival

from somewhere near site.

i think the big festival need those kinds of people for to

criticize this big expo.


and then i am thinking to do this time of the art works in

there. i would like to arrange the spots for the balcony

where people can see the fall festival site. and they

check and describe about all of thing.


later i want to make a book about the people who came

and visited at site .this will be a very important works for

my idea and expo. because someone will very cool to

criticize for this event ether good or bad.


this is my idea for to participate in this time of the expo.


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